Chinese Characters Software

Introducing Chinese Writing Master 4

Getting started

Chinese input - Input a chinese character

Chinese Writing Master 4.0 accepts one chinese character each time.

You can input a chinese character by copying it. Chinese Writing Master 4.0 can autodetect each copy operation and automatically displays that character into the input box.

  1. Select or highlight a chinese character.
  2. Copy the character. You can use the "copy" function in your applications, or simply press [CTRL + C] on keyboard for quick operation.
  3. You will see the chinese character displayed if it is available in the Chinese Writing Master 4.0 dictionary.

    Select, copy and automatically display a chinese character.

  1. If you need to enquire a lot of chinese characters, you are advised to prepare them in a document. Then copy each character for enquiry. This will greatly speed up your work.
  2. After you copied a valid chinese character, it will be automatically displayed in the input box. You don't need to input character directly in the input box. You may need to install a third party chinese tranlastion software to see the character properly in the input box. But it is not required to install a third party chinese translation software because you are advised to input a chinese character by copying it, rather than input directly in the input box.
  3. If you copy a chinese character and there is no response, it is probably that the character is rarely used. The Chinese Writing Master 4.0 animation database supports 5420 simplifed chinese characters, and also 5420 traditional chinese characters as well.