Chinese Characters Software

Introducing Chinese Writing Master 4

Output stroke order picture and animation (Teacher's Edition)

GIF animations(For Teacher's Edition)

All chinese characters can be saved as GIF animation file format, which is a widely used file format in web pages. You can use this function to put the animated chinese characters you want on your web sites.

  1. In the main menu, select [File] -> [Animation] -> [Save as Gif file]. This will enable the software to record the screen during animation.
  2. Press replay button to replay animation.
  3. After animation completed, you will be asked to enter the filename to save to.
  4. Select [File] -> [Animation] -> [Save as Gif file] once again to disable recording animation.
  1. In the menu [File] -> [Animation] , there is an option to save as 100% or 50% picture size.
  2. Animation effects depends on the parameters you set, which includes the speed, background and color among other options.

    Enable the "Save as GIF file" option.

    Sample GIF output for animated chinese characters .

    A stroke flashing with yellow color.