Chinese Characters Software

Introducing Chinese Writing Master 4

Output Options (Teacher's Edition)

Output options

There are many style options for you to output the chinese characters stroke order pictures, as well as animation effects. You are advised to try various options before output the pictures. The output options can be customized in the "File output preferences" dialog box.

  1. Select [File] -> [Save options...] . This activates the "File output preferences" dialog box. In the dialog box, there are many style options for you to customize.

    Select "Save options".

    Available output options.

Available output options

File save path

Specify the path to save files. Click the "Options" button to select a folder in a directory selection box.

Picture output options

The picture output section displays various options which can be customized to customize your picture output styles. See the following for each option.

Picture per row

Specify the number of characters per row for the stroke order picture. This is analogous to "number of columns".

Show stroke number

Check this option to add stroke number to the stroke order picture. Click the "Font" button to select a stroke number font.

Stroke number

Stroke number can be displayed in Chinese or Arabic digits.

    English stroke number.

    No stroke number.

    Chinese stroke number.

Stroke number style

Stroke number can be shown as "n-th Stroke" or "Digits only". Alignment can be Left , Center or Right.

    Digits only stroke number.

Strokes per picture

  1. For each step, you can specify how the active and inactive strokes are shown. Active stroke means the stroke being drawn at a particular step within the ordered sequence. Inactive strokes may or may not have been drawn.
  2. For "Pale background only", only the pale background is shown. No active stroke is shown. All steps showing the same characters with same stroke background color. This is good for creating stroke order picture for learners to practice chinese writing along the background stroke.
  3. The "One stroke per picture" option shows the active stroke in each step. All other strokes are shown as pale background color or your customized background stroke color.
  4. "Accumulative strokes" shows both the active stroke and the strokes have been drawn in each step. If the strokes in a step have been drawn in previous steps, they will be shown as black color. For other strokes which haven't been drawn, they are still shown as pale stroke background. The active stroke and strokes have been drawn are shown as different colors.

    Pale background only. Good for creating chinese characters writing worksheets.

    One stroke per picture. Only the active one is shown.

    Accumulative strokes. All written strokes are shown with the active one highlighted.

Stroke outline

The stroke outline option shows the stroke outline as background. You can uncheck it to turn it off. If it is disabled, no pale stroke outline background will be shown.

Stroke outline color is customizable. Click the colored button besides it to launch a color palette box. Pick the color you wish. This will change the default pale background color for the strokes.

    Stroke outline disabled.

    Customizable stroke outline color.

Nine squares

Enable or disable the nine squares background. Click the button besides it to change the line color.

Nine square style

The line styles for the nine square can be solid, dotted or dash.

Stroke color

User defined

Use the color of your choice to draw the strokes.

    Change the stroke color and output with user defined color option enbled.

Alternate color

Use 2 alternating colors to draw the strokes.

    Written strokes shown in black. The active drawing stroke shown in blue.


Use black color only to draw the strokes.

Main color

Main color is the general color for strokes which have been drawn. Click the color button besides it to customize.

Secondary color

Secondary color is the alternative color. It is used to shown the active stroke being drawn. Click the color button besides it to customize.