Chinese Characters Software

Introducing Chinese Writing Master 4

Output stroke order picture and animation (Teacher's Edition)

Output pictures(For Teacher's Edition)

The ability to output chinese pictures is the main dream feature of Chinese Writing Master 4.0 Teacher's Edition. It empowers you to create high quality chinese teaching and learning materials in few seconds.

Stroke order pictures

Output to step by step chinese stroke order picture is very straight forward. You can use this feature to create customized chinese characters writing sheets for learners to practice writing chinese characters.

  1. In the main menu, select [File] -> [Save strokes to file...]. Enter the filename and the picture will be saved as jpeg format.
  1. If you want a larger picture, you can press the magnifier button to enlarge the character. The saved picture size is proportional to the magnification ratio of the character.
  2. There are many style options for you to output the stroke order pictures. For details, see the section on ¡§Output Options¡¨.

    Select "Save strokes to file" to save as picture.

    Stroke order picture is saved. You can use it for further processing.